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LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2024

LensCulture is calling for entries for its 2024 Street Photography Awards — international photography competition open to street photographers worldwide.

If you are creatively capturing the weird and wonderful moments of life as they unfold around you, LensCulture wants to see your work! You might be shooting with an old film camera in a new city or using your smartphone to document daily life in your community. No matter your tools or your location, LensCulture wants to see your unique perspective from the street, however you define it.

All winning photographers will be exhibited at Photo London 2025, a photography fair which brings together the world’s leading galleries, publishers and collectors, as well as an ambitious program of exhibitions, conversations, artist book signings and curated fair events. The top 10 winners will be featured with prints in the group show, and all other winning work will be presented on a large digital display.

Street photography today can vary greatly in how it looks and how it was made, but there are common elements that thread the work of all the greats: a love for the unexpected and candid moments of life, an ability to find visual order within the chaos of the world, and an unparalleled creative vision.

Many of the world’s most iconic and memorable photographs have been made by street photographers, but who is is defining this genre today?

LensCulture is on a mission to discover the most imaginative, talented, creative photographers, regardless of location, age, background or experience level.

LensCulture Street Photography Awards 2024 – Entry Fees

Your first single-image entry is free!

5 single-image entries, judged individually, can be submitted for $35. Each additional photo costs $10.

Each photo series of 10 photographs costs $45.