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LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards 2019

LensCulture is calling for entries for the Visual Storytelling Awards 2019, seeking the best documentary and imaginative storytellers in photography.

Image makers who are defining contemporary visual storytelling, whether that be through documentary work, imaginative storytelling, or something that combines (or defies!) all of the above, are wanted.

This competition aims to uncover photographers from diverse backgrounds and experience levels, share their work with the world and connect them with career-changing opportunities. Winners will be exhibited at Aperture Gallery in New York City in 2019. A total of $15,000 will be awarded in cash.

There are two awards categories:

  • Documentary — Documentary-based interpretations of real events, people, places and issues. Traditional or contemporary, these visual stories and narrative moments offer insights into the worlds with we live in. Global issues or small cultural events. Current affairs or family affairs. Your work may be a personal story hinting at universal themes, an in-depth investigation, or something else that aims to inform, inspire, and move.
  • Imaginative Storytelling — Based on fact, fiction, or a combination of both. Perhaps you’re approaching a documentary story in a conceptual way. Perhaps you’re mixing photography with other media or constructing imagery to achieve your unique vision. LensCulture loves discovering new ways to tell stories and this category is specifically for all non-conventional visual storytellers working outside the realms of traditional documentary.

The competition is open to everyone that is 18 years and older, professional and amateur photographers alike.

LensCulture is one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography. It was founded in 2004.

LensCulture Visual Storytelling Awards 2019 – Entry Fees

The first single-image entry can be submitted for free — limited to one free entry per person. Five single entries cost $50. A series of 10 photographs can be entered for $60.

Current students and recent graduates get a 30% discount on the entry fee.