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Łódź Young Fashion Award 2019 – International Contest

Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and Łódź Event Centre accept applications for the Łódź Young Fashion Award 2019 – International Contest.

The contest is addresing young fashion designers (born after 1989) from all over the world – especially students and graduates of artistic and fashion design schools – and all those for whom design is a passion.

The winner will receive the MANEQUINE 2019 statuette and the main prize of 30,000 Euro, funded by the City of Łódź. There will also be some extra awards funded by sponsors.

This year’s theme of the contest is Metropolis.

The urban tissue pulsates with the rhythm of bustling streets. It is a living, complicated organism where nothing accidental happens. The metropolis never sleeps – regardless of the time of day or night, crowds of passers-by hustle on the wide boulevards, and the dark side of the city can be seen in the back alleys. It is a synonym of contradictions, a clash of what is pure and beautiful with disgusting ugliness, temporariness and chaos. It delights with shapes, colours and sounds. It is emptiness, and at the same time an overwhelming excess. Can fashion draw inspiration from the big city’s hustle and bustle? Or perhaps the alliance of fashion and architecture will result in an array of interesting projects?

Only collections of clothes created in the years 2018-2019 may be submitted.

Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of one collection of clothes, which must consist of 15 to 18 silhouettes. Women’s silhouettes must be prepared in size 36/38 and men’s silhouettes in size 48-50 (European sizes).

Łódź Young Fashion Award 2019 is a two-stage fashion design competition. During the 1st Stage, the Jury will review all submissions and select the 12 best collections that will be admitted to the 2nd Stage. The collections qualified to the 2nd stage of the Contest will be presented by models during the Final Gala of the Contest, which will be held on 26th October 2019. The winner will be selected during the Final Gala.