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MapMyArt Logo Design Competition

The Siena Art Institute Onlus, a non-profit school and association devoted to the exploration of the social function of art, announces a contest for the design and creation of the visual identity of the MapMyArt contemporary art platform.

Students age 18-35 of any nationality from any discipline who are enrolled in a public or private school can participate.

The student who designs the prize-winning logo will receive full tuition (for a value of 8,600 Euro) for a semester-long program of study at the Siena Art Institute.

MapMyArt is a platform for artists, curators, teachers, tour operators and simple curious people who love contemporary art.

In order to allow the widest diffusion and ability to be used on different supports by platform operators, a successful creative logo and the matching font and color palette will have to respond to some basic features essential to their role and potential.

Requirements for logo designs include:

  • Readability in both forms and fonts contained therein
  • Synthesis that is among the primary characteristics of a logo
  • Ease of use

Applicants may send more than one logo design, but only one winning design will be selected at the end.

The selection process will be overseen by a committee of art and design professionals nominated by the Siena Art Institute (SART).