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Mars One T-shirt Design Contest

The Mars One not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars in 2023 is organizing a t-shirt design contest and inviting all designers to enter.

Go wild in creating the design for your shirt! What ever inspires you: draw, paint, pixel-art away in creating your shirt’s design.

Until the 12th of November 2013, Mars One will gladly receive all of your designs, and will come up with a selection of three.

Here are a few things to consider for this contest:

  • Keep in mind that the shirts will be printed front side only, for both shirt models: male and female
  • See for the models of the t-shirts the current regular merchandise shirts: male and female
  • The possible color of the shirts will be white, black or red.
  • Your submission should be 1200 pixels wide, 1200 pixels tall, and 72 dpi
  • As the quality will be of importance, create a high resolution version of your design
  • Your are free to use the Mars One logo or other Mars One images for your design
  • Use JPG format for sending your final design
  • Send your design to before 12 November 2013

Always wanted to design a t-shirt knowing many people all over the world will wear your design proudly? Join the Mars One T-shirt contest!