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Most Photogenic Child Contest – TalentTrove presents the ‘Most Photogenic Child’ contest. Is your adorable babe a natural in front of the camera? Do you think that you have the cutest child? TalentTrove is giving away $1000 to one cute kid.

Snap a shot of them making a funny face, serious stare, smiling bright, or just being flat out adorable, as long as their beautiful faces are beaming for the camera to see. All are welcome to submit photos of their child to the contest.


Submit cute photos of your child that’s not older than 12 years of age.


TalentTrove is giving away $1000 to one cute kid.


  • This contest is open to registered users of If you are not currently registered, you must set up an account with in order to participate. is a 100% free site and there is absolutely no cost to participate in this or any other contest on our site. Additional restrictions may apply.
  • To enter, contestants must submit a minimum of one (1) entry that conforms to the unique rules of this contest. Entries that violate any rule may be removed without notice. Should this occur, it is the responsibility of the contestant to submit a new entry before the expiration of the submission period. If the contestant fails to submit a new entry, he or she will no longer be eligible.
  • Only original content is accepted.
  • All entries must depict a child no older than 12 years of age.
  • All entries must depict a maximum of one (1) child.
  • All contestants must either be the legal guardian of the depicted child or have the consent of the child’s legal guardian.
  • To prevent fraudulent entries, the finalists will be required to submit a short, 10 second video of your child.
  • By entering media into this contest and by sharing your content on TalentTrove, you agree to a Creative Commons License that lets us display your content while you retain ownership.
  • The user retains the rights to all of his or her media, and by submitting, grants permission to to display or use in any promotional material.

How to enter?

Create your account or sign-in if you already have one created and use their system to post your photos.