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PHI Contemporary – International Architecture Competition

PHI Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of an international architectural competition for the design of PHI Contemporary – a cultural institution in Montreal, Quebec, Canada dedicated to exploring the contemporary through public engagement with art and culture.

Founded by cultural protagonist Phoebe Greenberg, PHI is an ever-evolving cultural infrastructure dedicated to supporting art and artists probing key agendas of our times, and the mutual – and radical – accessibility between them and the public.

As a future repository for PHI’s legacy, PHI Contemporary will be a new and permanent space to consolidate, extend and intersect PHI’s cultural offer, its communities, and the public life of the city.

Located in Old Montreal, and built upon a site rife with history – comprising an assemblage of four historical buildings and an adjacent vacant lot – PHI Contemporary will consolidate the public cultural offer currently housed within PHI Foundation and PHI Centre. The 6 900 m² / 74 000 ft² project will house exhibition spaces, a network of new media galleries, mediation, research and studio spaces, and an expansive public domain.

The projected construction budget is CAN$47,280,000.

Competition Process & Schedule

The international architecture competition will be held in three stages, following an open call for candidature.


The objective of the Competition is to select the lead architect for the realization of PHI Contemporary on the basis of the quality of their design concept, design approach and multidisciplinary team.

Any Architect who meets the following criteria is eligible to enter the Competition:

  • Is a member in good standing of the professional order or national association governing architectural practice in the country in which they operate;
  • Has at least 10 years experience practicing architecture;
  • Has completed a minimum of two (2) projects in the cultural sphere;
  • Has completed at least one (1) project involving the renovation or restoration of heritage buildings.

A consortium is eligible to submit if it demonstrates that it is composed of entities that have completed at least one project together prior to submission.


Participants will be remunerated for stages 1, 2 and 3 of the competition, as follows:

  • Call for candidature: No fees or remuneration will be issued in connection with the call for candidature stage.
  • Stage 1: CAN$65,000
  • Stage 2: CAN$200,000
  • Stage 3: CAN$75,000 + CAN$75,000 for the multidisciplinary team’s participation in this stage

PHI Contemporary – International Architecture Competition – Fees

The Competition Documents pertaining to the call for candidature stage are available only through the Quebec government’s e-tendering system (SEAO), subject to payment of the related fees by the Candidate.