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PHOTO IS:RAEL 2020 International Photography Festival

PHOTO IS:RAEL invites artists to submit proposals for participation in the central exhibition at the 8th International Photography Festival, in Tel Aviv in November 2020.

This year’s topic is “Transformation“.

10-20 artists will be invited to present their work in the festival’s central exhibition, and will also be featured on the website and in the festival catalog.

The artist ranked in the next 50 spots, who will be present in the festival will be invited to present their works in front of an audience of professionals in a special screening event during the festival.

Photographers, as well as video, performance and interdisciplinary artists from around the world and at different stages of their career, are all welcome to submit their existing works, or proposals for new work on the topic.

This year’s topic is described in details on the official website.

Transformation can be associated with the environment, politics, technology, identity, physical appearance, personal journeys, perspectives, behavior and even the ever-changing medium of photography.

What does transformation mean to you?

At the upcoming festival, we will seek to explore the term transformation from multiple perspectives, interpretations and innovative methods of representation through photography or other forms of media.

Life, from birth to death, can be viewed as a series of transformations.

In the digital age, the human and natural worlds are going through endless transformations.

Transformation can be specific—move from one situation to another, or an ongoing process that unfolds over time.

Transformation can be cyclical, one-directional or unpredictable.

PHOTO IS:RAEL is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering dialogue via research and the highlighting of artistic and social issues through the language of photography.

PHOTO IS:RAEL 2020 – Submission Fee

The submission fee is $15 and includes a free entry ticket to the PHOTO IS:RAEL 2020 Festival for all submitting artists.