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Poster for___. International Poster Competition – 2nd Edition

The Poster for___. International Poster Competition, hosted by Shangning Wang, is soon opening for entries to its 2nd edition.

Designers and artists from across the globe, including aspiring young professionals and students aged 19 and below, are encouraged to participate.

Up to 200 selected participants and winners will be honored with a certificate, top winners will each receive a prestigious trophy, and featured in forthcoming international exhibitions and official book. Additionally, their outstanding work will be showcased in the current edition of PosterFor’s official book.

What are you designing posters for?

Are you creating them to address global issues such as environmental protection, education, water safety, or other significant concerns? Perhaps your posters are aimed at promoting social awareness or advertising commercial products? What role does poster design play, and what challenges do designers face?

In the current era, as the world grapples with pressing issues that have garnered widespread attention and sparked intense debates, the realm of poster design has acquired an increasingly profound impact on effecting change and is poised to become even more potent in the future. The Poster for project serves as a resounding call to action—express your stance through poster design and make the world aware of your chosen cause.

The organizers are pleased to announce the introduction of a new category — E. Hand-drawn Poster, specifically tailored for students aged 19 and below who possess limited experience with digital tools.

Poster for___. includes a primary and secondary competitions in the following categories:

  • The primary competition:
    1. Poster for Happy (Happy Posters)
  • The secondary competitions:
    1. Poster for 17 UN SDGs Topics
    2. Poster for Coffee Culture
    3. Poster for Cultrule Diversity (Art, Music, Literature, History, etc.)
    4. Hand-drawn Poster (Topics category A/B/C/D, age 19 and below)

Please visit the official website for further information.

Poster for___. – International Poster Competition – 2nd Edition – Entry Fees

  • Category A/B/C/D: $30 per submission (200 Chinese yuan).
  • Category E: $20 per submission (140 Chinese yuan)