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Poster Stellars 2024 – 4th Intercontinental Poster Competition

Poster Stellars is calling for entries to the 4th Intercontinental Poster Competition United States 2024, themed: Time~Travel.

The competition is open for all designers, illustrators, and artists 18 years of age or older anywhere in the world.

Awards, Trophies, and Certificates for the selected/winning posters will be announced in each competition category.

A Time~Traveling Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary journey beyond the constraints of time and space as we explore the boundless creativity of poster design equipped with the power of time travel.
What wonders await in the future, and how might designers harness their imagination to shape the world yet to come?
Imagine that you have been bestowed with a remarkable gift: a time-travel machine that propels you into the future. How would this newfound ability influence your creative process, and what remarkable designs would you craft with insights from tomorrow’s world?

Join this exhilarating voyage through time and space, where imagination knows no bounds and the future is limited only by the depths of your creativity. By projecting yourself into the future, you can explore speculative design ideas and create innovative visuals that reflect potential technological advancements, culture, and society. Dare to dream, dare to design, and let your vision illuminate the path to a future yet unwritten. Ride the Time-Traveling machine of your wild Imagination.

Each participant is allowed to submit 3 posters across all categories. The competition categories include:

  • Category A: Published Posters
    • Political
    • Cultural
    • Ecological
    • Advertising
    • Typographic
  • Category B: Unpublished Posters
    • Theme 2024: Time~Travel
  • Category C: Animated Posters
    • Any Topic or Theme

Posters of any technique (painting, drawing, graphic design, typography, data visualization, digital, Illustration, mixed media, photography, and animation) are eligible.

All artworks/posters must have been created between the years 2021 to 2024 time frame. The only parameter is that the Unpublished Posters for Category B must be created during the competition dates and unpublished anywhere online and offline.

The results of the selected participants and winners will be emailed to all participating designers/artists and published on the official website in August 2024.

Poster Stellars 2024 – 4th Intercontinental Poster Competition – Entry Fees

  • Professional: $30
  • Student: $15