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Premio Lissone Street Furniture Design Competition 2011

The City of Lissone is inviting you to take part in the 2011 Street Furniture Design Competition by submitting designs for street furniture, such as seating, shelters, signs, containers, etc.

Metropolitan areas today are complex landscapes crossed daily by thousands of people who do not necessarily have local ties, but in addition to traditional citizens, they live in there not only permanently but traverse and use them tirelessly 24 hours a day.

For this reason street furniture, within the city, is acquiring increasingly important properties. It distinguishes the quality, livability and recognizability within the territory of the diffuse city. Street furniture, if properly designed, helps enrich the experience of citizens and users of a given place.


The theme proposed requires the designers taking part to design street furniture (seating, shelters, signs, containers, etc.) that can also be composed into an urban furniture module with innovative functional and volumetric variations which will meet the needs and integrate the different possible functions required by citizens in their use of public space.

The competition intends to:

  • Foster the creativity of young professionals and students in the field of design.
  • Offer manufacturers new product concepts and new opportunities for developing the market.
  • Make Lissone a pole of international attraction for creativity and professionalism in the design field.
  • Promote Lissone as an international centre for research, experimentation and prototyping of products related to the world of Design.

The parameters evaluated to determine the winning projects will be:

  • Originality of design.
  • Quality of overall presentation of the project.
  • Suitability for production of the project.
  • Environmental impact and sustainability.
  • Simplicity of construction and assembly.


The prizes are:

  • €10,000, divided as follows: 1st prize €5,000; €3,500 for 2nd prize; €1,500 for 3rd prize. Production of prototypes of the first three projects. Other prototypes may be produced if supported by a sponsor or at the discretion of the jury.
  • Exhibition of all projects submitted at the Lissone Museum of Contemporary Art. The award ceremony will take place on the occasion of the exhibition.
  • All projects selected for the competition in accordance with the Regulations will be presented in a publication and a DVD that will be available at the opening of the exhibition.
  • The Municipal Administration also undertakes to exhibit the prototypes and related projects, at a location to be identified in conjunction with the 2012 Salone del Mobile/Salone Satellite and to exhibit the same prototypes in some public places of the City of Lissone.


  • The competition is open to university students (Faculties of Design, Architecture, Engineering) and Colleges of Design, draughtsmen, artists, architects and designers of all nationalities who, in the calendar year 2011, have not yet turned 36 years of age.
  • Participation may be individual or by group. In the latter case a group leader should be indicated to act as representative for all the members. The age limitation applies to all members of a group.
  • The projects must never have been shown or published before, under penalty of disqualification.
  • Projects in production, submitted to other competitions or already been published are excluded.
  • Participation is the personal responsibility of the participant.
  • The designers are responsible for ensuring the originality of their projects.
  • Entry is prohibited to jury members, their families, employees of the City of Lissone and Institutions and/or the sponsoring and supporting companies.

How to enter?

Download and fill out the entry form and mail it together with the project designs.

The project designs required must be sent by post or courier or hand delivered no later than 26 September 2011 to:

Comune di Lissone
Ufficio Protocollo
Via Antonio Gramsci, 21
20851 Lissone (Monza e Brianza)