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Prisma International Art Prize 2019

The cultural association Il Varco is glad to announce its 1st Prisma International Art Prize — an exhibition competition entirely organized by artists for the artists.

Bringing together the spirit of community and collaboration and the efforts of many young artists involved, it is meant to create a place for art and artists to grow and share their work in a friendly and competitive environments with no favoritism.

Prisma is a painting competition with $2,000 plus in cash awards and many other prizes. It takes place seasonally and yearly in Rome, Italy.

Il Varco wanted to create a place for artists to grow and share their work to each other. A happening that could really be a chance to measure and compare their own work with other artists from all around the world. A prize that could become an exhibition which awards the best among them. All of the finalist works will be shown in an online gallery for the whole duration of our awards, together with infos and contacts of the artist.

The Prisma Art Prize is a seasonal competition which becomes an annual group exhibit in Rome, Italy. Every artist can apply.

Every three months the organizers will choose a winner among all the finalist works that will get a 500 Euro cash prize. 2,000 Euro in cash prizes will be awarded every year to the best artists that will take part in our award in seasonal competitions which take place eve

Prisma Art Prize – Registration Fee

The registration fee, to partially cover organization costs, is set at 25 Euro with a maximum number of three works.