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Renewal of Henri-Spaak Building – Architectural Design Competition

The European Parlament is hosting a two-stage architectural design competition for the renewal of the Henri-Spaak Building in Brussels.

Multidisciplinary teams led by architects are invited to submit renewal projects with a positive environmental impact.

There will be a prize of 150.000 Euro for the winner of the competition. Other competitors submitting 2 designs meeting the minimum requirements will receive a prize of 75.000 Euro. Other competitors submitting one design meeting the minimum requirements will receive a prize of 50.000 Euro.

The European Parliament seeks to set an example in its overall environmental approach:

  • The prospective building will be integrated into and linked to its urban, natural and social environment.
  • It is intended to be sustainable, with sustainability being measured in terms of operability, maintainability, flexibility and adaptability. This flexibility should be considered in terms of space, time and technologies.
  • The building and its development process should incorporate best durability and sustainability practices with a considered balance between simplicity and technology (particularly bioclimatism and the circular economy).

The building and its development process must incorporate the best practices of durability and sustainability, balanced between simplicity and thoughtful technology (including bio-climatism and circular economy).

The European Parliament is one of the symbolic hearts and focal points of European democracy, a pillar of the continent’s recent history. Its property portfolio is important, not only for the European legislator, but also for citizens, as it includes important public spaces for dialogue and experience of European democracy and its values, while being at the heart of celebrations and commemorations of our common democratic heritage. The property portfolio must be preserved and developed as a strong symbol of our recent history.