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Reshape 17 – Wearable Technology Competition: Programmable Skins

Noumena, in collaboration with IN(3D)USTRY and Fira Barcelona, is accepting proposals in the Reshape 17 – Wearable Technology Competition, themed Programmable Skins.

Wearables are becoming an active, supplemental skin that not only protect our body but also facilitate its functions (growth, movement, reproduction, respiration, nutrition etc.) or rehabilitate the environment. Being turned into the medium that regulates the relation between our body and its surroundings, wearables can now collect and exchange information in an attempt to maintain equilibrium. Reshape aims to enhance these impulses in fashion design.

The total prize is 2,700 Euro and will be distributed among the first, second and third winner accordingly. Apart from the winners, the jury will select 5-7 honorable mentions.

The competitions is open to architects, designers, biologist engineers or students or professionals from any field. Proposals should focus on wearables as a prosthetic skins providing augmented functions.

Reshape is an online platform promoting research, design and production of digital ideas, exploring implications and applications of technology and innovation in our society.

Reshape 17 – Programmable Skins Competition Registration Fee

The registration fee for each submission is 30 Euro.