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Santa & Cole Landscape Architecture Competition

Santa & Cole, the Spanish Association of Landscape Architects and the European Biennial of Landscape Architecture announce the first Santa & Cole Landscape Architecture Competition, a Europe-wide competition of ideas intended to promote and reward good professional landscape architecture work in Spain, as a new culture which modifies and enriches the surroundings.

The winning competitor or team, in accordance with the terms of these conditions, will be entrusted with the assignment of drafting the final design corresponding to their proposal.


Your proposal should consist of a project which resolves the connections and a coherent coexistence between this plot, the adjacent cultural complex existing, the historical buildings, and the different current and future uses.

The Jury shall take into account the following aspects for the selection of the winning entries.

  • Concept and design: the coherence and creativity of the proposal will be assessed, considering in particular the following aspects:
    • Integration of the environmental, cultural, architectural and visual values of the location and of its environment.
    • Coordination and adequate functional and visual interrelations of the different uses existing or foreseen.
    • Quality of the formal organization of the plot.
    • Functional and visual connection with the adjacent spaces.
    • Consideration of the temporal evolution of the proposal.
  • Environmental adaptation: consideration of the environmental determinants of the location and adoption of sustainability criteria in the design of both construction and environmental improvement solutions, paying special attention to the treatment of the vegetation and water.
  • Construction criteria: the quality, simplicity and originality of the construction solutions proposed will be assessed, in addition to their adaptation to the objectives of the organizer.
  • Economic criteria: the adaptation of the materials and construction techniques to the maximum completion budget of €250,000 (excluding VAT).


The prizes are organized as follows:

  • First prize: €6,000, certifying diploma and awarding of the contract to draft the final design. The amount of the award shall be considered as being on account of the fees indicated in the drafting of the aforementioned final design.
  • A special mention: with certifying diploma.

It is understood that the above-mentioned amount does not include the corresponding VAT.


  • The competition may be entered by those multidisciplinary teams or legal entities, whose corporate aims correspond with the object of the competition, led by a team director with specific qualifications in landscape architecture, architecture or engineering linked to its object, and with documented experience in landscape projects.
  • Those considered qualified to work in Spain shall be those who are in possession of the corresponding qualification, either Spanish or legally recognizable (qualifications of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland) or recognized as equivalent to the Spanish one and/or recognized by the corresponding professional association.

How to enter?

Register on the official website and submit your entries.

The entries must be delivered by hand or received by ordinary mail or by courier at the Competition Secretariat by 14:00 hours on the 10 September 2010. Those sent by post or courier should be sent to the following address:

Santa & Cole Landscape Architecture Competition
Parc de Belloch
Ctra. C-251, Km. 5,6
E-08430 La Roca del Vallés (Barcelona, SPAIN)

At the end of the period to receive the entries, the competition secretary will draft a receipt report, indicating the number of entries received and their pseudonyms.