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Seoul Design Award 2024 For Sustainable Daily Life

Seoul Design Foundation is inviting designers who are actively shaping a brighter future in our ever-evolving world to partake in the Seoul Design Award 2024 for Sustainable Daily Life.

Eligible for entry are design projects in all fields realized within 5 years by designers and planners who contributed to a more sustainable and harmonious future between people and people, people and society, people and the environment, and people and nature.

A total of 27 winners will be selected and awarded with monetary prizes. The Grand Prize winner will be awarded with 50,000,000 KRW (approximately $36,700).

Project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Public/Shared: Public sector that can be shared with others
  2. Creativity/Innovation: Creative, innovative problem-solving methods
  3. Participation/Cooperation: Open to public participation, multi-sectoral and cooperative
  4. Inspiration/Influence: Inspiring and spreading impact
  5. Sustainability: Sustainable daily life that aims for harmony between people, society and the environment

You are eligible to apply for this award if you studied a design-related major, or you are a designer (planner) with design experience who has conducted a sustainable project pursuing harmonious relations among people, society and environment.

When a planner and designer jointly apply for this award, a designer shall apply for the award as a representative and companies, governments and organizations can be indicated as a planner.

About Seoul Design Award

In 2010, Seoul was designated a City of Design by the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, a program initiated to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This designation marked the beginning of Seoul’s journey towards a sustainable future through collaborative design efforts among cities.

With the aspiration of advancing global sustainability through shared learning, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) in 2018 invited 20 cities worldwide to facilitate the exchange success stories. This effort led to the establishment of the ‘Seoul Design Award for Sustainable Daily Life’ in 2019. The award acknowledges designs promoting sustainable daily life that aim for harmony between people, society and the environment.

The Seoul Design Award is a non-profit honor that has attracted entries from 62 countries. It is esteemed by international experts as a prestigious platform that highlights the impact of socially transformative designs and celebrates designers committed to their social responsibilities.

No Entry Fee!

It's free to enter.