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SGF – Youth Area at The Border Competition

The international competition of ideas called “SGF – Youth Area at the Border” is an important step in the process of the transformation of the former Hospital area of Gorizia. Specifically represents a milestone in the development of a strategic plan that can affect the urban and territorial planning of Italy and Slovenia and the subsequent planning and operational phases that will follow the competition in the most appropriate manner.

The competition of ideas is, in fact, a unique opportunity for reflection and experimentation over the city and territory, for the possibility of creating social and economic opportunities and over the definition of a strong identity capable of receiving different content, both in the present and in the future.


Designers are invited to develop a strategic plan with a level of detail appropriate to the urban scale and to the subsequent need to prepare a planning instrument for the implementation. At the same time the definition of architectural elements is required, meant as open spaces such as buildings, able to describe and characterize the surroundings and, at the same time, experimenting with new approaches in qualitative, functional, performing and connecting terms between buildings destined also to different uses. The relationship between landscape and architectural work Is important.

The main objectives of this competition of ideas are:

  • the creation of recreation and socialising area for young people, able to offer new opportunities for residents and able to become, internationally, an attraction part aimed to promote an active exchange of cultures and experiences, to be an individual and community growing up place and promote creativity and scientific research.
  • the transformation of the former Hospital of Gorizia and the surrounding areas.
  • the establishment of a strategic plan which, starting from the competition area, is able to redefine some of the spatial relationships of the area and improve the overall city planning, also relating to areas of the former Seminary, now the university’s seat with major international structures, of the Red House Square and of the neighboring territory of Slovenia.
  • the creation of a naturalistic project capable of exploiting the contingencies and to become the binder of different activities that will settle in the area, also through the creation of an urban park characterized by the presence of integrated sports facilities and freely available.
  • Improvement of the network dedicated to walking and cycling mobility using and settling the existing realities in both Italian and Slovenian territory.
  • the creation of accommodation suitable for tourist and student hospitality, through the realization of new facilities or through the recovery of valuable elements existing in the competition area. – the creation of a system capable of attracting capital for its livelihood and promoting the development of national and international research programs.
  • the reuse and creation of workplaces and appropriate facilities suitable to the needs of Corporate Health Services n.2 Isontina
  • the search for innovative, contemporary, sustainable and feasible solutions with regard to the issue of new buildings and of the processing and / or demolition, partial or total, of the former Hospital’s main building. The urban regeneration must be characterized by high integration of various settling functions and the presence of large portions of public parks, squares and pedestrian-cycle paths.


The prize amount is €35,000 and will be delivered as follows:

  • 1st Place – €15,000
  • 2nd Place – €8,000
  • 3rd Place – €6,000

Noteworthy projects: three worthy projects will be identified by the jury which will be paid the sum of €2,000.


  • The participation in the competition is open to architects and engineers enrolled in the registers of their professional orders or in the related professional registers of their country.
  • Participation may be individual or in group.
  • The competition of ideas is open-ended and anonymous.

How to enter?

Please visit the official website, download and read all of the official documents and following the very specific regulations (there are quite few), submit your projects.

The project must be delivered or sent by competitors’ responsibility and expense before 13.00 hrs on 27 October 2010 to the following address:

Informest – Via Cadorna,
36 – 34170 Gorizia – IT

Entry fee

  • €50 per entry