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SMACH.2021 – Art, Culture and History in the Dolomites

Cultural Association SMACH has opened its 5th international call for artists, for a project aimed at deepening peoples interest for art, as well as bringing awareness to the Dolomites region.

SMACH.2021 puts it’s main focus to the the word “Fragile”. The aim of the project is to prepare works of contemporary art based on the word “Fragile”.

The 10 selected artists or group of artists will receive a prize of 2,000 Euro each.

The theme for 2021 is described in details on the official website.

What do frailty and fragility mean in our world? After all, being fragile can mean a lot. Headlines say the current pandemic has shone a light on the fragility of institutions and globalisation; while according to the Oxford dictionary, “delicate”, “dainty” and “fine” are synonyms of fragile. The world and peace are fragile – but so are human relations at times.

But fragility contains other values, too: sensitivity and tenderness, friendliness and dignity – all values which open the door to different emotions, feelings, and existences.

Why should we talk about fragility? Such a narrative enables us to think about the lighter and darker sides of human existence in the first place, and because at present we are being unequivocally shown how fragile we, our world, and everything around us is.

SMACH.2021 goal is exploring the theme of “Fragile”, by means of contemporary works of art. Another aim is to boost the interest of locals and visitors for the natural wonders that surround us and, in general, for Val Badia by leveraging the exhibited work. All locations were chosen for their natural, cultural, historical value and should therefore be respected as such. Artists will have to consider the symbolic message as well the specific traits of these locations, and choose one where to install their project. The combination of the site’s cultural significance and the exhibition of the work of art will create an interesting attraction from different points of view. By attending the exhibition, visitors are confronted with the location’s evolution and with its nature and history, elements that are intertwined with the art installation.

SMACH’s aim will be reached only if the work sparks the curiosity of visitors for the project as a whole.

The projects selected for 2021 will be installed and exhibited at the following locations:

  1. Lé de Munt da Rina
  2. Chi Jus
  3. Pra de Pütia
  4. Forcela de Furcia
  5. Val dl’Ert
  6. Tru di Lêc
  7. La Crusc
  8. Armentara
  9. Fanes
  10. Pederü

These selected locations can be reached by walking on the footpaths. All locations are placed between 1,100 and 2,300 m altitude.

The event is organized and coordinated by the Cultural Association SMACH, with the support of several cultural organizations that take care of the promotion of the area, culture and Ladin language.