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Sock It To Me 2015 International Design-A-Sock Contest

Sock It To Me has launched its 11th annual Design-A-Sock contest and currently accepts entries for 2015 from around the world.

The challenge is to draw a design for your dream sock, for a chance to have it produced as a winning entry.

The winning design will be produced and its creator awarded with $2,000 and fifteen (15) pairs of socks. The second prize is $500 + 10 pairs of socks and the third prize, $250 and 5 pairs of socks.

Each participant may submit up to five (5) new and original designs.

There will be three (3) rounds of judging, applying all of the following criteria in each round to determine winners:

  1. Simplicity of design (designs that are too complicated or detailed don’t work well on socks);
  2. Use of a maximum of six colors;
  3. Use of colors that are flat and solids, NO shading, blending or half tones;
  4. Use of pattern;
  5. Use of imagery, themes, patterns, or designs that are different from our current line; and
  6. Originality.

Winners will be announced in early October 2015 on Facebook.

Sock It To Me’s Design-A-Sock contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. It is a celebration of designers and art, community and diversity, fashion and socks.