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Student Design Award 2010 – Architects For Health

Architects for Health invite architectural students to submit projects to be considered for the third annual Student Healthcare Design Award 2010. The aim of Architects for Health is to promote and campaign for better healthcare environments through bringing together individuals and organisations who share an interest in excellence in the planning and design of healthcare facilities.

As in previous years any project relating to the design of a healthcare building can be submitted, however the 2010 competition introduces a greater emphasis on the sample brief – Designing for Death: Hell, Purgatory and Paradise and a specific prize will be awarded for the most successful response to the sample brief we have prepared.


Architects for Health is a non-profit making organisation for architects, and anyone interested in the design and planning of healthcare facilities. Its inception in 1992 was a response to the considerable strategic change in the health sector. Since then, AfH have grown into an established organisation with a membership list of around 500 for whom it provides a national network of support, the means to influence policy and as a forum for new ideas.


Any project relating to the design of a healthcare building can be submitted. To get informed about the submission layout and content please view successful projects in previous years.

Example points to be considered:

  • Creativity – Has the student imaginatively explored the brief to deliver an interesting proposal, this should be demonstrated through thorough research and the response to it.
  • Patient/Staff Centred – How has the applicant considered the experience of its clients, how are they justified?
  • Aesthetic – Does the visual resolution of the project suggest a suitable response to the brief, be it an elegant synergy of function and expression or a logical response to context.
  • Graphic Quality / Skills- Does the quality of the graphical submissions support a comprehensive, sensitive and detailed investigation of the subject? Architecture students are developing the skills to express their ideas, how successfully is this demonstrated?
  • At what stage in the student’s career was the project undertaken?


£2000 Prize fund to be divided between 1, 2 or 3 of the short-listed candidates. The size and allocation of the prize fund is to the discretion of the judging panel and can be awarded to a single or multiple submissions.

The winner of the 2008 and 2009 competitions received £1000 first prize. The 2010 prize fund is the largest yet.


  • The competition is open to students of architecture and interior design at all schools worldwide.
  • If you are currently in full time studies, or completed your studies within the last 18 months, projects undertaken while studying or of your own volition using the Designing For Death sample brief will be accepted.
  • Projects are not valid for resubmission having been submitted to a previous AfH student competition.

How to enter?

Once you are registered via PayPal, AfH will forward you a reference number to be used to identify your work when submitted.

Work must be submitted by email to

The Format is strictly 4 number A3 portrait (297mm by 420mm), 300 dpi or less, JPG or PDF format for the boards. Boards can contain text and graphics. Additionally a 600 word narrative text only document describing succinctly the brief and the design response. The text carries equal importance as the boards and must be carefully considered as it will form the basis of the judgment made on he project. Please clearly identify all the submitted materials with your name and registration reference; also supply with the text your place of study and stage of study. These details do not count towards the work count limit.

Entry fee

Entrance to the 2010 competition costs £10 (GBP) and payments can be made via the official website using PayPal. If you do not have access to PayPal please contact the organizers on, as there may be other methods they can receive payment although priority will be given to PayPal queries.