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Sumu Residency Programme 2010 – 2011 – Artists’ Association Arte

The Sumu Residency Programme is open for new media artists, working in the intersection of new technologies and contemporary art. This includes performance art and all types of new media: sound art, video art, installations, etc. Artists can apply to the residence once a year with an individual submission, which should include CV, samples of recent work and a project plan.

The proposal can include an exhibition, which takes place in the end of the residency, either in the studio space or on Artists’ Association Arte website.

Sumu Programme started in 2006 and it is the first residency programme specializing in new media art in all of Finland.


Send your application to the residency programme. Artists, working in the intersection of new technologies and contemporary art can apply.

Discipline(s) and media:

  • Visual arts
  • New Media

The main selection criteria are the quality of previous art and the proposal: the committee also wishes that the artist will show their work at the end of the residency or make some kind of happening during the residency somewhere in the city.


The artist is offered a studio and accommodation in a period from one to three months.

The artist gets up to €200 per month for work expenses in Turku. Studio, accommodation and exhibition space are free of charge. The artists have a possibility to give lectures in Arts Academy of Turku and give paid workshops in their chosen field.


  • The artists must fund all their living expenses including food and transportation.
  • The submissions will not be returned.
  • E-mail or internet applications are not accepted, only submissions sent by mail are processed.

How to enter?

Please prepare an individual submission, including:

  • project plan (short, clear & realistic, maximum one page)
  • short artists’ statement (maximum one page)
  • CV (maximum one page)
  • DVD / CD including a maximum of 10 minutes worth of samples in PC format
  • samples of recent work as print-outs (3 – 5 pieces)

Send your completed submission by traditional mail to:

Gallery Titanik / Sumu
Itäinen Rantakatu 8
20700 Turku