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Tactical Urbanism NOW! 2023 – Architecture Competition

TerraViva Competitions has launched Tactical Urbanism NOW! 2023, a new edition of the architecture competition that puts the focus on the transformation of public space all over the world.

The challenge of this competition is to imagine more inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable public spaces. The idea is to think creatively and to experiment with new possibilities to improve the conditions of the cities where we live in.

Prizes up to 7,000 Euro will be awarded to the winners selected by an international jury panel.

Exploring the potentialities of Tactical Urbanism, designers are encouraged to propose ingenious and unconventional projects capable of transforming a public space with a hidden potential, an underused urban area or even a neglected residual plot.

The “15 Minutes City” concept can be helpful to understand which functions and uses might be more suitable for the area where you are thinking to locate your project. The term defines a highly flexible urban model that ensures all citizens can access daily needs within a short walk, a bike ride or a public transport trip, reducing therefore carbon emissions and commuting time while generating more public spaces.

Remember that scalability, modularity and flexibility can be key factors to guarantee a successful design. At the same time, do not forget about the formal aspect of your proposal: the colours, textures and shapes of each element will make the difference. Use your imagination and take public space to another level!

Details about the brief for 2023 are available on the official website:

In order to face rapid changes and to improve the adaptability of public spaces, cities have been using Tactical Urbanism as a tool to become increasingly more dynamic and flexible. From a design point of view, architects and urban planners are experimenting with tactical techniques as short-term and low-cost actions for long- term and effective results.

This innovative approach can be adopted as an alternative and creative regeneration method that aims at improving the quality of public spaces by considering the community needs, adapting to site-specific conditions and strengthening cultural identity.

Tactical projects may vary in scale and location: they can involve a sidewalk, a whole street, an empty plot, a bridge and many other areas. These type of interventions can be highly communicative, adaptable and reversible.

The competition is open to students, architects, designers, urbanists, engineers, artists, makers, activists and anyone interested in the transformation of the contemporary urban space.

Participants can join the competition either individually or with a team.

Tactical Urbanism NOW! 2023 – Fees

  • Early registration (until 17th March 2023): 69 Euro
  • Standard registration (until 21st April 2023): 89 Euro
  • Late registration (until 19th May 2023): 109 Euro