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Talente 2012 – International Competition in Applied Arts

The International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades Munich is calling for applications for Talente 2012 – a special competition show for works in applied arts.

Talente 2012 will offer a chance for the new generation in applied arts and technology to show their work in Munich, Germany.

The Talente Prize will be awarded to the creators of the best works and a special illustrated catalogue will be published.

Talente 2012 will be held 14th – 20th March 2012 in Munich.

Crafts and Technology Artworks Required

Submit works in the domains of crafts and technology.

The aim of Talente is to promote young people with a particular manual talent. On the other hand, the audience will be shown the enormous potential which lies in the new generation in crafts and trades. The works will be the outcome of formal or technical considerations and experiments, showing something new and exceptional.

Talente Prize + an Illustrated Catalog

In an area of 600 m², the works will be shown to a wide audience, with an international jury selecting the winners of the Talente prize. An illustrated catalogue will be published.

Competition Considerations

  • Participants are chosen from any section of crafts and technology.
  • They will have made the artefact by their own hands.
  • Age limit is set at 33 in the domains of crafts, and at 35 in the domain of technology.

How to Enter Talente 2012?

Apply online via the official website.