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Terrae Novae – Urban Park Of The City Of Nove

On the occasion of the 27th edition of the Nove Ceramics Festival – Open Doors, the Municipality of Nove promotes an initiative created with the contribution of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce.

Terrae Novae – Urban Park of the city of Nove aims to create an urban park of ceramic sculptures, created through an international contemporary ceramic competition.

Municipality of Nove calls for site specific works in the historic center of Nove, which integrates the existing widespread museum of the city.

The selected project will be rewarded with a production sum of 10,000 Euro and carried out in collaboration with companies in the ceramic district of Nove and Bassano.

The completed work will integrate the already existing widespread museum, to start an Urban Ceramics Park, created in the historic center of Nove as an element of promotion and enhancement of the cultural and artistic history of Nove.

The Terrae Novae initiative aims to be an act of reflection on the relationship between art, craftsmanship and design, connecting the world of companies, creativity and territorial heritage as a tool for valorising the city, also for tourism purposes.

Nove is known throughout the world as “The City of Ceramics”, because ceramics have been produced here for 300 years, an artistic activity that owes its fortune to a combination of political, economic and environmental factors that favored its development.

For complete regulations and the required registration forms, please visit the official website.