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Thanatopolis at I-Park

The I-Park Foundation, a not-for-profit international arts community sited within an expansive nature preserve in East Haddam, Connecticut (USA), is seeking creative proposals in the various disciplines.

Thanatopolis, an alternative memorial park/space in the advanced conceptual phase of its development, is looking for works that harmonize with the long-term goal of the project, which is to re-imagine our cultural and personal relationship to death, memory and memorialization – and to engage the above creative fields to bring about a new, profoundly sacred and evocative landscape/sound-space.

Selected projects will be presented at the Thanatopolis Exhibition on 2 October 2010.


The I-Park Foundation is seeking creative proposals in the following disciplines:

  • Music Composition/Sound Sculpture
  • Visual Arts/Environmental Sculpture
  • Theater/Choreography/Performance Art
  • Landscape/Garden Design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture

Judging will be by a distinguished panel on the basis of creativity, site-responsive, cultural relevance, feasibility and, perhaps most importantly, efficacy in engaging the issues of death, memory and memorialization.

What should you submit when sending your application?

  • Physical and Paper Projects:
    • You should submit between one and three simple concept sketches/graphics for your Physical or Paper Project.
    • The credibility of your application will be strengthened by your inclusion of previous projects successfully executed (or proposed). Such documentation might include photographs/video documentation of the finished works, drawings/renderings, specifications, images of models, narratives, etc.
    • You may upload up to 6 image files, up to 2 video files (no longer than 5 minutes each) and no more than a single text file (no more than 250 words).
  • Music Composition:
    • Memorial Composition:
      • Submit one audio file of the musical selection you are proposing (no longer than 12 minutes).
      • If possible, though not strictly required, upload a pdf copy of the score for this composition.
      • You may also submit a video file (no longer than 5 minutes) if this would be essential for a proper understanding of your piece or if the video element is integral to your practice.
      • Do not include your name in the Add Titles & Descriptions function that accompanies your file upload.
    • Tone Sequence:
      • Submit one audio file (no longer than 2 minutes) with either the completed piece or a ‘sketch’ or excerpt from your proposed piece.
      • You may use the open text field within the Add Titles & Descriptions function for elaboration.
      • The credibility of your application will be strengthened by your inclusion of an additional audio file (no more than 10 minutes of audio) that is either similar in style to what you are proposing or is otherwise representative of the type and quality of music/sound sculpture you are presently creating.
    • Processional: same as Tone Sequence, excepted the audio file should be no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Performance Art/Ritual:
    • Submit a simple sketch or storyboard, or utilize some alternative graphic means (not just text), that conveys the sense of your proposed piece (maximum 3 images and/or a single video or audio file no longer than 5 minutes).
    • The credibility of your application will be strengthened by your inclusion of previous projects successfully executed (or proposed).
    • Submit up to 2 video files, up to 6 image files and up to 2 audio files.


Those invited to execute their physical, performance or music/sound sculpture pieces for the Thanatopolis Exhibition will receive a creative fee of $2,000 plus a budget for travel, materials and incidental expenses.

Applicants invited to exhibit ‘paper’ (un-executable, future, conceptual) projects will receive a creative fee of $700. Additional funding may be available depending on the scope of the individual projects.


  • Customary I-Park eligibility restrictions have been waived for this program. Thanatopolis welcomes international applicants.
  • The customary application fee has been waived for this program.
  • Except for the music discipline, applicants can submit only one proposal in their chosen discipline. If you wish to propose a project in another discipline, you may do so but you must submit a separate application.

How to enter?

Enter you proposals online through the I-Park’s online application system.