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The 2010 Design Ideas Competition

The 2010 Design Ideas Competition is an exciting opportunity for architects, city planners, urban designers, engineers, and landscape architects, including students, graduate students and interns of these disciplines around the world to contribute ideas about creating more resilient cities.

The purpose of the Design Ideas Competition is to stimulate thinking and discourse about how to increase the resilience of our cities as we move into a century where our cities will be subjected to the combined environmental and economic impacts of both Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Like last year’s competition there will be a $1,000 CAN prize for best planning and design idea, but there will be an additional prize of $1,000 CAN for the best video mini-documentary.


The overarching theme of the 2010 Design Ideas Competition is: “Building Urban Resilience where you live with what you have.” Consistent with this theme, the purpose of this year’s competition is:

  • To raise greater awareness about the combined challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil in the context of human settlement – and the radical challenges these will pose for how we plan cities and design buildings in the future;
  • To provide a public forum, for a conversation about how planning and design professionals should develop more effective and implementable planning and design strategies for increasing the overall resilience of our cities in the face of Climate Change and Peak Oil;
  • To give participants the opportunity to explore the concept of urban resilience through project based learning.


The following prizes and honours are available:

  1. Best Blog Format Submission $1000
  2. Best Video Format Submission $1000
  3. Honorable Mentions Book Prizes


  • Architects, urban planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and engineers, including interns and students of these disciplines are eligible to enter.
  • Participants may submit up to 2 entries.
  • For video entries, participants may submit a series of up to two related or sequential 10 minute videos.
  • This is an ideas competition, which is intended to encourage participants to explore planning and design concepts that would be appropriate for creating more resilient cities consistent with the resilient planning and design principles set out in the website. Submissions can range from conceptual ideas to realized projects. The key criteria for submission is that the idea or ideas being proposed effectively demonstrate how the participants propose to increase one or more attributes of urban resilience in their city of residence.
  • Submissions must give full credit to all participants involved in the participants’ submission.
  • Submission of participants designs constitutes an agreement by participants to allow the copyrights of their submissions to pass into the public realm and allow all users/viewers of to use their ideas for any purposes consistent with the purposes of the website.
  • The participants agree that ResilientCity and the competition jury it assembles have the right to choose any proposals/ideas they feel best represents the principles of and the intent of the competition.

The 2010 Design Ideas Competition Purpose and Rules

How to enter?

To enter the 2010 Design Ideas Competition you will need to complete the online Registration Form.