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The 27th Hamburg International Short Film Festival (IKFF)

Celebrating the short film as an independent art form the Hamburg International Short Film Festival devotes itself to the presentation of the short film in all its variety and to stimulating a debate about it.

Instead of merely following trends the festival establishes its own aesthetic view by depicturing developments in storytelling and experimental explorations that lead to unknown horizons.

Bringing together artists and filmmakers from all over the world the festival presents their work to an open minded audience and encourages them to build networks through various events and experts meetings.


The 27th Hamburg International Short Film Festival presents the following competitions:

  • International Competition
    • This competition mirrors the contemporary productions all over the world and gathers a selection of short films of all genres. The International Competition consists mainly of films created with the support of funds and extensive technical equipment.
  • No Budget Competition
    • No Budget means the independent realisation of an idea or a concept with a small budget, but a big dose of enthusiasm and imagination.
  • National Competition
    • This competition focuses on new short films from Germany and gives an overview of contemporary subjects as well as aesthetic and technical trends. There are productions of already established directors but also films by newcomers and students.
  • Three-Minute Quickie – Topic: German
    • Films entered for this category must not exceed a length of three minutes and must relate on this year’s given topic.
  • Mo & Friese Children’s Short Film Festival
    • The Mo & Friese Children’s Short Film Festival is one of the few children’s film festivals in in the world completely devoted to short films. The programmes are sorted according to age, targeting an audience of children and adolescents aged from 4 to 14.

The 27th Hamburg International Short Film Festival will take place from 7 – 13 June 2011.

The 13th Mo & Friese Children’s Short Film Festival from 5 – 12 June 2011.


  • International Competition
    • Hamburg Short Film Award (3000 Euro)
    • Audience Award (1500 Euro)
  • No Budget Competition
    • Jury Award (2000 Euro)
    • the Audience Award (1500 Euro)
  • National Competition
    • Jury Award (2000 Euro)
    • Audience Award (1500 Euro)
    • Furthermore one production, which has either been made in Hamburg or realized with Hamburgian participation, receives an audience award at the Hamburg Short Film Night (1500 Euro).
  • Three-Minute Quickie – Topic: German
    • Audience Award (1000 Euro)
  • Mo & Friese Children’s Short Film Festival
    • MO Award (children jury 1250 Euro)
    • Friese Award (children jury 1250 Euro)


  • Accepted formats:
    • Film: Super 8, 16mm and 35mm;
    • Video: DVD, Mini DV PAL, DV Cam PAL and Betacam SP PAL.
  • DVDs need to have five seconds of black before and after the film. Also required – exact information on aspect ratio and anamorphic formats if used.
  • If the original version of the film or video is in a language other than English or German, the film should (if possible) be subtitled in English.
  • The directors of submitted films that are accepted will be notified via e-mail at the beginning of May 2011.
  • The applicant is responsible for the costs of sending the viewing and screening copies to the festival.
  • The festival covers the costs of returning/forwarding screening copies.

How to enter?

To submit a film online, you need to accept the conditions of participation and fill out the subsequent online entry form. The preview copy of your film together with the entry confirmation and the according entry number should be send to the following adress:

Int. KurzFilmFestival Hamburg
Friedensallee 7
22765 Hamburg

The entry form with all the required information, accompanied by a preview copy, needs to reach IKFF by 15 February 2011.

The deadline for the “Three-Minute Quickie” is 1 April 2011.