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The 2nd Berlin Festival of Lights Competition 2016

After the great success last year, at the Brandenburg Gate, the Festival of Lights – Berlin as Organizer and Maxin10sity as Artistic Consultant are proud to announce the 2nd Berlin Festival of Lights Award competition in 2016.

The organizers are once again seeking to award outstanding, creative and innovative video mappings and art works.

This year, for the first time ever, there will be Video projections on the Berlin TV-Tower! Be part of this spectacular premiere and let your mapping shine all over the big city of Berlin.

Berlin wouldn’t be the famous and pulsing metropolis it is today without these essential elements of our everyday life: Art and Nature. They form the society, they give Berliners strength and joy and create the face of the city.

The mappings on the Berlin TV-Tower are supposed to show either Art or Nature. Use the impressive building to tell a short story and to impress Berlin’s inhabitants and guests. It will be seen from a big distance. The Projection will cover one side of the tower, the rest will be illuminated in color.

The Berlin Festival of Lights competition is open to both professionals and amateurs for individual or team entries.