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The Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Photography Competition

The Cancer Aware Nation “CAN” in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Dasman Diabetes Center Kuwait invite you to participate in a photography competition.

The challenge is to photograph healthy versus unhealthy food, as well as the healthy and unhealthy methods of cooking.

Being part of the awareness curriculum within the country, “CAN” is leading a campaign that is addressed to all segments of society, encouraging them to adopt healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle highlighting the awareness of cancer using a variety of approaches.


Since “CAN” adopts a campaign titled “Your Health in your diet”, to educate the public about the link between food and health, focusing on cancer fighting foods, the photography competition would like to compliment “your Health in your diet campaign” by focusing the participants’ attention in their photographs on the quality and quantity of healthy food verses unhealthy food, as well as the healthy and unhealthy methods of cooking in their photographs.

Each participant is allowed to participate with 4 images. (2 pictures portray healthy eating and healthy methods of cooking & 2 pictures portray unhealthy eating and unhealthy cooking methods).

Your photos will rank higher with the judge committee if participants utilize information in flyer and their photographs reflect their comprehension of information provided in flyer and website addresses provided in flyer.


Certificates of appreciation will be awarded to all participants.

  • First place: 1000 Kuwaiti Dinars (KD) (approximately €2500)
  • Second place: 200 KD and gift vouchers will be given.
  • Third, fourth and fifth place: 50 KD and gift vouchers will be given.
  • Sixth to tenth place: Gift vouchers will be given.


  • There’s no age restrictions for participants in the Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Photography Competition.
  • If you wish to include people in your photographs, then you must provide their written consent to display their pictures in addition to copies of their Civil ID card and phone numbers.
  • Write the name, age, nationality, and a means of communication for each participant behind each photograph being submitted.
  • The Cancer Aware Nation will not accept photographs that do not reflect the theme of the competition.
  • Photographs will not be accepted if they include the name of any food company or use of any logo indicating it.
  • Both color photographs and black and white photographs are acceptable.
  • Only basic processing of the photographs is allowed (No digital designs acceptable).
  • “CAN” will be entitled to use all photographs submitted in the competition in any form of its advertisements.
  • No late entries will be accepted.

How to enter?

All photos should be printed on high-quality A3 paper and glued to hard paper size 50×40, in addition to saving photos on CD-ROM to be handed in at “CAN” headquarters.

Please contact CAN for further details.