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The Earth Awards 2010

Human imagination and ingenuity are the impetus of every good design. All across the world, people from every walk of life are generating good design ideas that offer groundbreaking solutions to the ecological and social challenges of the 21st century. The Earth Awards provides a platform for these visionary ideas, presenting a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations worldwide to expose their design innovations to a global audience. The Earth Awards is committed to the idea of popularizing the most viable of these innovations, and transforming them into market-ready solutions.

The Earth Awards is a global search for creative solutions designed for the 21st century.


The Earth Awards seeks to foster and encourage the development of commercially viable design solutions. As set forth below in the Submission Guidelines (“Submission Guidelines”), Contestants will be allowed to submit their solutions to enter and will be judged. One (1) winner will be selected to receive a grand prize and up to five (5) finalists will be selected to receive runner-up prizes.

Contestants may enter a unique Submission in any or all Categories. Submissions may only be entered once (Contestants may not enter the same Submission into more than one category).

  • BUILT ENVIRONMENT – buildings and structures
  • FUTURE – Visionary products and concepts
  • PRODUCT – Physical objects that are useful and respond to a market need
  • SYSTEMS – designs focused on process to optimize operations, engineering services, or strategies.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE – designs/concepts that improve economic and social conditions
  • FASHION – designs that will be worn buy a consumer


The Earth Awards will award $10,000 to each category winner. The grand prize winner of The Earth Awards 2010 will receive a total of $50,000.

Two representatives from each category winner will be flown to London in September 2010, where they will be given the unique opportunity to present their project to members of the Selection Committee and an international audience of business leaders.


  • The Earth Awards Contest (“Contest”) is open to English speaking individuals, companies, partnerships and teams (“Contestant”) all of whom are the age of majority in their jurisdiction at the start of the Contest and who meet the additional requirements set forth in these Official Rules. Residents of Burma, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Cote D’Ivoire, the Republic of Congo, the province of Quebec, and wherever else the terms of this contest are prohibited are not eligible. Only one prize will be awarded to any winner, regardless of the number of individuals on a team.
  • Individuals who are under any contract that would prohibit Sponsor for the use or display of their submission at any point during or after the Contest, or those who cannot meet all of the Submission Guidelines outlined below, are not eligible to enter.
  • You may enter any number of ideas in any number categories but you may not make the same submission more than once, regardless of category.
  • Sponsor will not verify Submissions nor will Sponsor return submissions.
  • After final verification of winners and finalists, submissions may be destroyed and will not be returned.

How to enter?

To enter, create your entry (“Submission”) according to the Submission Guidelines. Then, log into the official website and complete the online entry form and upload your entry, following the instructions on the landing page.

Note that you must designate a contact person if your Submission is entered by anything other than a single person.

Submission Elements:

  1. A project name
  2. A one line description
  3. A project pitch
  4. A project description
  5. Choose a category
  6. Define how your project matches the criteria
  7. Three or more images
  8. You may also upload a video or PDF with more information (Optional)