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The Home Tab – Firefox 4 Design Challenge

Just in time for the winter holidays, Mozilla Labs is back with a new Design Challenge. Participate in the Winter ‘09 Design Challenge and help the wider Firefox UX team determine the future design direction of Firefox’s new Home Tab feature.

For this Design Challenge we are focusing on finding creative solutions to the question: “The Home Tab — What are some interesting uses of a Firefox-hosted start page?”


An explicit non-goal of this challenge is to design something like My Yahoo, iGoogle or similar start pages that let you put widgets/gadgets. This is not because we don’t think this use case is valuable, but we’re much more interested in what a browser start page can do with full access to the browser. An interesting example is something like the about:me extension, which shows you trends in your browsing habits. Unlike mainstream portals like Yahoo and MSN, the locally hosted Firefox home tab can potentially offer users an experience that is innately personal, and tailored to each user’s incredibly unique personalities and interests.


All submissions will be presented on this website and honors for “Best in Class” in the categories Innovation, Execution, Interaction, Producible plus a People’s Choice Award will be bestowed.


  • To participate in this Design Challenge you need to create a short video explaining your idea(s), presenting the mockup and showing how your idea works.
  • Your video can contain anything from a napkin drawing, a wireframe, to a polished graphic/prototype.

How to enter?

To get you started we prepared a set of templates – head over to the Winter ‘09 Design Challenge site and download them!

Upload your video to the web and submit your entry using our submission form.