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The Katha Chitrakala Award 2010-2011

The Katha Chitrakala Award recognizes exemplary children’s book illustrations and ideas that are fresh, powerful and unique, and have the potential to keep young readers engaged and turn them towards lifelong reading. The Katha Chitrakala Award is a worldwide search for excellence in children’s book illustrations.

Love picture books? Always wanted to illustrate for children? Here’s your chance to be published!

The Katha Chitrakala Award is open to everyone worldwide. For ideas that are fresh, irresistible, enduring…


Katha Chitrakala Award is looking for fresh ideas for children’s book illustrations.

  • Each entry should be a standalone work of art without being dependent on any other media for its enjoyment and appreciation.
  • Each entry should comprise the full story and at least three or more illustrations for it.
  • The illustrations should be suitable for a book of 11″ x 8.5″ size.
  • Each work will be considered for its appeal and relevance to children of diverse socio-economic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, aged 2-8 years.

You can illustrate your own story, team up with a writer, or ask us for a Katha story to illustrate for which Katha holds the copyright. If an illustrator-writer team wins, the prize will be awarded to the team, to be shared as they please.

All entries will be judged on an equal basis. No special preference will be given to Katha stories. The selection process is eclectic and rigorous and rests solely on the quality of the work, its ability to speak to a child and to draw him/her to the joy of reading.


All laureates will be invited to submit their complete artworks, story and layout to Katha by 30 August 2011. From these the teams for award of Grand Prize and Runner-up Prize will be chosen. The awards will be presented to the Grand Winner Team and the other laureates at a gala ceremony at Delhi.

Grand Prize: 100,001 Indian rupees (more than €1,500), a citation and publication by Katha!


  • The contest is open to all picture/story book enthusiasts keen on reaching out to children.
  • Works submitted should be original and should not have been published in any form previously.
  • Each participant or team can submit a maximum of two entries.
  • Entries should not violate any existing copyright norm.
  • Entries should be submitted: (i) in the form of original work on paper and (ii) on CD-ROM.
  • Entries without completely filled-out registration forms will be considered invalid.
  • All works will be returned to their owners after the awards. Artworks for the winning entries will be returned after the books are published.

How to enter?

Send in your entries with filled-out registration forms to the address below. The extended deadline hasn’t been updated on the official website, so don’t get confused by the date: 14 January 2011.

A3 Sarvodaya Enclave
Sri Aurobindo Marg
New Delhi

Entry fee

  • There is no entry fee for teams residing within Asia, Africa and Latin America.
  • The entry fee for applicants living in Australia, Canada, Europe and USA is US $35.