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Thompson Punke Branding Contest – Shout Platform

The Shout Platform invites all women around the world to enter a unique and quite challenging contest. If you enter, you will need to help with the launching of a new ping pong sportswear/clothing brand. You will need to create and script a promotional video for the Thompson Punke brand.

Ping Pong doesn’t need to be nerdy anymore. A huge amount of cool people now play ping pong. Look at any cool film, photo shoot, creative office out there and you’ll find a ping pong table with players in action. This is a trend that has been growing exponentially over the last four or five years.

There is an overall community prize of $2,000, and a $3,000 budget to produce the winning film script.

Concept and Script a Branded Film and Photo Shoot

Create and script a video that will help launch the Thompson Punke brand. The primary goal is to get across the feel of the brand and only a little bit of product detail, mainly t-shirts for now. And badass enough to be something that people will share on YouTube and get talked about.

While filming the video, Thompson Punke plans to do a photo shoot for their upcoming website and press promotion materials. Ideas will be needed for the shoot.

Mandatory requirements

  • A story-board with an indication of proposed visual treatment.
  • A badass script for a branded content film (brand 70%, product 30%).
  • The video’s ideal length should be around 2 minutes.
  • Ideas for a (fashion) shoot that would highlight certain images and products during the film.
  • You as a talent need to be able to produce the film if your submission is chosen by the client.

$2000 Community Prize, $3000 Budged to Produce the Winning Film

The overall community prize is $2,000, distributed amongst the first 2 places. In addition, the client choice earns a $3,000 budget to produce the script plus $300 worth of limited edition collection.

A “Ladies Only” Contest!

  • This contest is a public contest on Shout, limited to women though – so Ladies, all of you can join.
  • The submission period is opened until 11 November 2011, and is followed by an only rating period until 18 November 2011. Shortly after that, the winners will be announced on the shout platform.

Hosted by the Shout Platform

Submit entries through the Shout platform. A free registration is required to submit. If you’re already a Shout member, skip the registration and submit right away.