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TM13 Contemporary Art Contest – Palermo

The Temporary Museum publishes the TM13 competition, for artists, with the aim of promoting and appreciating Contemporary Art. The competition is open to adult artists, Italians or foreigners residing in Italy or abroad.

The competition involves the selection of 120 works, divided into three sections: Painting, Video and Photography.

The winner of the contest participants of TM13, will win a stay of 15 days in Palermo, an office of 300sqm located in the historic center, which is available for the artist as a laboratory and a home.

The TM13 Contemporary Art Contest Challenges Artists to Compete for a 15 Days Stay in Palermo

The TM13 competition involves the selection of 120 works, divided into three sections: Painting, Video and Photography, the realization of these three exhibitions, the publication of the catalogue, the broadcasting of the events on an official web TV channel, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, which will give space for images, interviews, and the publication of works on the site

Here are more detailed descriptions for the competition sections:

  • Painting Section– The basic selection criteria will be the quality, research, originality and contemporary nature of the work. There will be no limitations of the type of subject, technique or style, as long as it is a painting. As a painting work the organizers understand any manual manipulation of oil, tempera, acrylic, industrial paints, ink, engraving, graphite, watercolor, vinyl, on any type of background, also on pre-prints; allowed are also techniques like collages and artefacts made from different materials.
  • Video Section – Video, film and works with all animation techniques on any digital and analog support. The works will take up to 15 minutes, opening title and closing pictures included. For the exhibition candidates are asked to produce original works saved on DVD in high quality and in formats compatible with the most popular reading tools.
  • Photography Section – Basic selection criteria will be the quality of formal and conceptual originality, regardless of the subject. Photographs are allowed in digital and analogue format, black and white or color and in all modes of photographic expression. The maximum size allowed for each side of the work is 150 cm.

Guidelines for submitting are available on the official website.

Entry Fee

The admission fee for the competition, to partially cover the costs of the organization, is €20.