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Training – 3rd Non Architecture Competition

Non Architecture Competitions is hosting their 3rd international design competition — Training — dedicated to alternative designs for sport facilities.

The aim is to develop a design proposal for the sport facility typology, intended as a place where physical activity and/or sports entertainment can occur.

There will be three (3) Winners in the competition, each awarded with 1,000 Euro, publication in the Non Architecture Competitions books and online, and reviews in digital magazines and several architecture blogs. Nine (9) Honorable Mentions will also be awarded.

It is asked to the participants to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme, questioning the very basis of the notion of sport facility. After the recent closure of the European football cup and the Olympic games, you are asked to reinvent the way sports can be practiced, and how they can be used to entertain. Many architecture and design projects have already proposed new ways to empower the social value of sports and innovative solutions to implement them in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. With similar creative attitude the participants are urged to create an artefact, merging considerable programmatic innovation and valuable design tools.

The proposal can be a device, a piece of furniture, an interior design project, a pavilion, a building or a urban plan. Scale of intervention, program dimensions and location are not given and they can be arranged by the participants to better suit their project.

Non Architecture Competitions are open to all human beings, from every age and cultural background, working in groups or individually. Teams can be formed by a maximum number of 5 people. The registration fee is paid per team, regardless of how many members form it.

Training – 3rd Non Architecture Competition Entry Fees

1–15 October 2016 – Special Registration (30 Euro) period
16 October–15 November 2016 – Early Registration (45 Euro) period
16 November–15 December 2016 – Regular Registration (60 Euro) period
16 December–27 December 2016 – Late Registration (75 Euro) period