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Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2014 Awards

The Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2014 Awards competition is now open for entries, and you have until 1st October to submit your images and short films. The Competition has a great range of themes and a total of nine (9) competition categories to choose from — single entries, series and HD videos can be submitted.

The Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 will win £2,500 plus a special award, trophy and showcase.

The 2014 Categories & Themes include:

  • People & Culture – Tribes
    This category gives you a chance to show the people who make up one or more tribe whether they are part of an ancient culture or a contemporary one.
  • Natural World – Earth, Air, Fire, Water
    Show the impact of the elements – earth, air, fire or water – on our world, either gradually over time or a sudden or temporary change caused by a weather event such as a storm, a magnificent sunset or snowfall.
  • Creative Travel – Spirit of Adventure
    Capture the essence and freedom of your journey, the spirit of your adventure, to show us what made it an exciting, remarkable, exhilarating, challenging or worthwhile.
  • Travelogue
    Take us on a journey through your images but tell the story in a photographic travelogue. The subject of your travelogue is open for you to choose.
  • Wild & Vibrant
    Go wild and show what a vibrant planet we live on! You choose what wild means to you. It could be wildlife, a wild experience or simply a wild moment, but make it exciting, make it a vibrant celebration of life and living.
  • Monochromal
    This category is your chance to pay tribute to the craft of B&W photography and show that B&W imagery is very much alive and thriving. You can choose your travel subject as long as your image is in monochrome.
  • One Moment
    Travel is full of memorable moments which lodge in our memories for years to come. This is your chance to show your moments and what made them special.
  • Travel Shorts
    HD videos for this category must be shot on stills camera, not on video cameras, and can be solely moving footage, images shot as time-lapse sequences or a combination of stills and video imagery.
  • Destinations
    Where do you go on your travels or your holidays? You can include anything you saw and it can be a single place or more than one of the places you traveled to and photographed, but try to tell us the story of your trip in pictures.

The Overall Winner of the Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 competition will be given a special showcase of their photographer at the 2015 TPOTY exhibition. They will also receive £2500 plus a Plastic sandwich portfolio case or ifolio.

Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) 2014 Awards Entry Fees

Entry to the awards costs from £7.50, and entry to Young Travel Photographer of the Year is free.