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Uruguay Cartel Poster Festival 2023 – International Competition

The 3rd Biennial Uruguay Cartel Festival is calling for poster designs as part of its International Competition on the topic of Food Waste.

The Festival is looking for poster designs in vertical format, that address the given topic.

Between 60 and 80 posters will be selected and will be exhibited in September 2023 in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. The best 3 posters will receive certificates: 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place (does not include prizes) and the organization will be able to deliver certificates with special mentions.

Details (in English) about the topic for 2023 are available on the official website.

Tons of food is wasted in the world every day. What do we do? The fight against this problem is vox populi. Politicians and influential people preach on this issue and it only remains in words, at the same time that hunger around the world increases year by year.

Wasting food is a problem that ranges from the governmental to the personal, passing through the commercial and the family, the political and the cultural. In our immediate times we lose much more than economic resources when we throw away food that still has value…

Eat your food, design your poster.

More info here:

The content can be interpreted from a personal, social, political, critical perspective or any other that the author deems appropriate.

Please visit the official website for further information.

Uruguay Cartel Poster Festival 2023 – International Competition – Printing Fee

Once selected, participants must send their physical poster or the organization which will print it locally for $20.