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Visions / Solutions for a sustainable tomorrow

Die Junge Akademie is celebrating its 20th birthday in 2020 and hosting the “Visions / Solutions for a sustainable tomorrow” online competition.

The focus is on one of the most important topics of our time: climate change and our relationship to the natural world in general. This will also bring the issue of sustainability to the forefront. With this wide-ranging online competition, the organizers want to provoke a change of perspective with regards to this major social issue. Instead of negative visions of the future, this competition aims to combine concrete solutions with positive visions: visions for a sustainable society and way of life.

The best three entries in each of the two competition categories will be awarded a total of 3,000 Euro — 2,000 Euro are reserved for the 1st place entry.

Die Junge Akademie is looking for entries in two categories:

  • Visions — visionary designs for a society that is not only oriented towards sustainability in an ecological and economic sense. The theme of sustainability should also inspire our coexistence on other levels – social, cultural, aesthetic, etc.
  • Solutions — all about ideas for original solutions to sustainability-related problems – big or small. These may also be ideas that have already been implemented, but are perhaps not yet comprehensive enough. In any case, they must be your own ideas. Behind this second category is the idea that technical and technological solutions are indispensable for a sustainable way of life. The organizers are mainly looking for innovative technical processes related to climate and the environment, and more general but also climate-friendly sustainable ideas for solving concrete problems in our everyday lives and work.

All submitted entries must show a clear reference to the topics of climate change, our relationship to the natural world, or sustainability. In addition, they must be clearly assigned to one of the two categories – “Visions” or “Solutions”. An important criterion in both categories is the originality of the submission.

Since its foundation 20 years ago, Die Junge Akademie has been bringing together young scientist from all disciplines as well as artists to work in interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of academia and society.