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Viviane Esders Prize – Photography Competition

The Viviane Esders Prize (Prix Viviane Esders) rewards the career of a professional European photographer over 60 years old, who is independent and still active.

A major player in the world of photography, Viviane Esders is pursuing her commitment by creating this eponymous prize. The prize rewards a career that has already been recognised, but whose importance now deserves to be brought to light and to be more clearly inscribed in the history of photography.

The prize will reward the winner with a financial endowment of €60,000 offered by Viviane Esders. Part of the endowment (€10,000) is reserved by the winner for the production of a book on his or her work.

Viviane Esders created the Viviane Esders Prize after more than forty years in the art market as a gallery owner, photography expert and collector.

The Prize aims to highlight the vision and itinerary of a life, that of photographers, authors whose medium has tirelessly animated Viviane Esders’ career since the 1980s. This prize reflects the coming together of two complementary and inseparable life paths, that of its founder, dedicated to understanding, loving and exhibiting photographers, and that of a photographer, dedicated to creation in the hope of creating a work of art.

The Viviane Esders Prize falls within the framework of programmes developed by the endowment fund created by Viviane Esders. As a continuation of a passionate, independent and committed life path, the purpose of this endowment fund is to continue the contribution of its founder to photography, to bring to life a collection of nearly 600 pieces, most of which are the result of singular encounters, and to extend the initiatives of transmission and sharing around a love of photography that Viviane Esders promotes.

The call for applications launches on 15 January 2022.

The Viviane Esders Prize will be presented during the Paris Photo event in November 2022.