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Wikimedia European Science Photo Competition 2015

Wikimedia, supported by Estonian Research Council, is hosting an international photo competition for 2015 about European culture and science research.

This competition has five (5) categories: People in Science, Microscopy images, Non-photographic media, Image sets and General.

Winners will be selected on both regional and European level. There will be several special prizes in various competition categories to draw attention to wider spectrum of scientific research and to encourage addition of diverse content to Wikipedia. The actual prizes are yet to be announced.

Eligible entries are not limited to only “classical photos” as images in science can come at many shapes and forms. Computer generated images can also be submitted. Images have to be published under free use license.

Wikimedia’s intention with the 2015 European Science Photo Competition is to reach out to the wider scientific community and make them aware of the possibility to share their findings and passion with wider audiences using visual communication and free environment of Wikimedia.