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XHY Intelligence’s SparxSmart Design Contest 2015

XHY Intelligence is hosting a design competition for smart pet systems, called SparxSmart Design Contest 2015, inviting all creatives older than 21 to participate.

The objective is to design the SparxSmart Pet Kit system, for a chance to win three (3) months of paid working experience in China, cash or products.

The SparxSmart Pet Kit consists of the following six (6) products, which need to be designed:

  • Hub (Control Center)
  • Pet Feeder
  • Pet Tracker
  • Camera
  • Motion sensor
  • Product of your choice – consider this as an open topic. Think about what pet owners would love to have to make their life simpler.

Out of all submissions, the organizer will select ten (10) finalist designs, which will be exhibited at the Shanghai’s Intelligent Building Expo 2015 and get extensive promotion. Up to three (3) winners will be invited on a three (3) month payed residency in Shenzhen, at XHY Intelligence and will be compensated with 1,000 Euro per month.

XHY Intelligence is a IoT (Internet of Things) company which deals with the development and manufacturing of smart devices, systems and solutions.