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12th Plaktivat Poster Design Competition: Crisis of the Media

TAM-TAM institute in collaboration with Radio Student launches the 12th International Competition in designing a city poster on the topic of the Crisis of the Media.

The competition aims to encourage individuals to exercise greater critical judgement in assessing information served up by the mass media.

The winning poster will be printed and published on 500 TAM-TAM city posters across Slovenia. The winner receives Plaktivat’s MEGAFON and a winning plaque.

The 12th Plaktivat Poster Design Competition is open to all creators, individuals as well as agencies and companies, who want to help create our common living environment. Details about the subject are available on the official website.

The mass media is in serious crisis. Their quantity is increasing, abounding with ever more superficial commentary and increasingly poor quality of content. The digital revolution gave rise to the primacy of online journalism, which places presentation before content. The media’s ever-greater dependency on the market is reflected in thoughtful innovations in surreptitious advertising erasing the line between commercial and editorial content with perfected efficiency. With individuals depending exceedingly, in some cases even exclusively, on social media for their news, the “Crisis of the Media” has never been more relevant.

The change in media structure reduces the level to which we are informed and simultaneously reduces our critical scrutiny of the media content. We believe everything we read and demand fast, superficial explanations of complex issues. We can always find an explanations that fits our worldview. We lack a critical attitude to media content, which also degrades journalism, and with no engaged public there is no need for engaged media.

Results will be published in June 2019 via Facebook and Twitter.

All participants receive a plaque commemorating their participation, awarded by the organizer of Plaktivat, TAM-TAM Institute.