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1st Erarta Motion Pictures Film Festival

The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art is currently calling for submissions from filmmakers, for its 1st Motion Pictures International Film Festival. The main objective of this festival is attracting audience attention to the theme of painting — both its history and modern nature.

The aims and goals of the organizers are to give anyone who is involved in film industry, notwithstanding the level of their proficiency, a chance to discover new themes for self-expression and turn their eyes towards the richness of the world of fine arts.

The 1st Erarta Motion Pictures film festival will be held in St. Petersburg, 15th through 31st March, 2013.

Erarta Museum Presents the 1st Erarta Motion Pictures International Film Festival

Painting is justly considered a forefather of cinematography as it is evident from a phrase «motion pictures». It is precisely the visual aspect, the picture itself that acts as a semantic factor. After almost a century since its origination, film has finally established itself as an independent and self-sufficient branch of art. It has formed it’s own language, it’s technical and artistic methods; and cinema’s history of development and it’s context have also been defined. It is obvious that the cinema has grown up. And now it’s time to pay the homage to the ancestors.

Using this as a basis, Erarta has initiated the first international festival of short films about painting «E(rarta)MOTION PICTURES». With this project the organizers hope to attract the filmmakers’ attention to their neighbouring art form which is painting.

Films eligible for submission have to deal with painting as their subject matter, for example:

  • films about artists, their problems and issues, their inner world and daily life — their struggles and passions, their love, work and affections, etc.;
  • films in which painting is used as means of artistic expression;
  • films about museums and exhibitions;
  • films about any other painting-related topics;

Both shortlisted and longlisted films will be available for screening to the general public. After the festival screenings, a jury which will include cinematographers, filmmakers, film critics, artists, musicians and Erarta representatives will decide the winners of the Grand Prix in the Fiction and Documentary categories.

The winners of the Grand Prix of the festival are awarded two bronze sculptures – «Era» and «Arta» (exact miniature replicas of the two sculptures adorning the entrance the museum).

Apart from the Grand Prix, there are other nomination categories. The winner of each will be awarded a special diploma:

  1. best director
  2. best script
  3. best director of photography
  4. special prize by Erarta Museum
  5. audience award

All shortlisted works will be presented in the festival’s catalogue and on it’s website.

For further info, please visit the official website.