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2nd Erarta Motion Pictures Film Festival 2014

Now in its second year, the Erarta Motion Pictures International film festival has opened for entries for 2014, from art groups, private individuals, film studios and workshops.

The Festival is dedicated to short films about painting and is currently accepting documentary, fiction, animation and experimental short films.

Its main objective is attracting audience attention to the theme of painting — both its history and modern nature.

The Festival is competitive and its best works will be actively promoted by the Erarta Museum and its partners.

Allowed to participate in the festival are works about painting, as in:

  • films about painters, their troubles and concerns, their inner self and daily life – their struggles, their love, their work, hobbies;
  • films, where painting is used as an artistic device;
  • films about museums and exhibitions;
  • films about other problems and situations related to painting.

The running time of the submitted films must be between 3 and 30 minutes.

The 2014 Erarta Motion Pictures Film Festival is scheduled for 15th March — 31st March 2014.