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2010 Travel Documentary Scholarship to the Amazon

Kick start your documentary career by going on assignment into the Amazon with documentary producer Trent O’Donnell.

You will take part in a special project, exploring the Amazonian jungle and homestaying with the indigenous Quichua community.

Working alongside Trent O’Donnell as he makes a documentary on Sustainable Tourism, you will be mentored to help you find your story and create your own short video documentary.

Target Group

  • Anyone can apply – this is open to film students, lovers of film or anyone who’s trying to build a career in documentary making!
  • Minimum age 18 with a current passport.
  • You should be a mad-keen auteur with a lust for adventure and burning desire to be a documentary maker.
  • You must be fit and healthy as moderate levels of trekking are involved.

Number of Scholarships



2 weeks

Scholarship Value

  • You’ll fly to Quito, Ecuador from your country of residence.
  • You need to be available to travel in the last 2 weeks of September 2010 (exact dates to be finalised shortly) to participate in the project.
  • Under the mentorship of Trent O’Donnell you will shoot a video documentary about the experience.
  • You will keep a daily diary about your time on the trip and upload this plus pictures you’ve taken to your World Nomads travel journal.
  • You will edit together your 3 minute documentary and submit it to World Nomads within 2 months of your return.


One entry per person.

To apply you need to:

  1. Compile a 3 minute video documentary in English based around the theme: ‘Local Encounters’. Your ‘local encounter’ may be from your travels or somewhere closer to home. You should explore how this encounter changed your perspective on the world. The theme is open to interpretation, so be creative! The documentary may be compiled from previous travel videos you’ve shot.

    It’s up to you to convince the judging panel through your video that you have the spirit for adventure and passion for filmmaking to be chosen for this scholarship. The judging panel will be looking for:

    • The ability to convey a strong narrative within a short time-frame,
    • Originality,
    • A visually engaging story,
    • A candidate whose passion for documentary filmmaking makes them an obvious choice to benefit from this professional mentorship opportunity.

    You’re strongly recommended to look at the previous winners (2009, 2008) to get an idea of the quality that is required. Entries compiled solely of still shots will not be considered, you need to demonstrate your skill with the moving image.

  2. Upload your video: Go to Youtube to upload your video.
  3. Add your video to World Nomads: Create a journal and fill in the entry form, then follow the simple instructions to upload your video into the post. In under 200 words describe your video:
    • What inspired your subject matter?
    • How did you plan your piece?
    • What challenges did you face?
    • What is your ambition as a documentary maker?

You will be judged on what you write as much as your video submission.