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Moon Capital Competition 2010 – SHIFTboston

When considering the future of design let’s start looking out into space. What if we could occupy the Moon only 100 years after our first visit there in July of 1969? Might the Moon become an independent, self-sustaining, and sovereign state? If so why not start designing for that new world now?

SHIFTboston calls on all architects, artists, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers, planners, engineers, and anyone else who would like to propose a Lunar concept.

Think beyond what is familiar and envision design in deep space.


Submit your designs in the following categories.

  • Competition Category 1: Let’s get seriousDetailed information about Category 1

    Design a second generation living and working moon habitat. Written by Dr. Marc Cohen, a leader in the space architecture industry and a registered architect, the architectural program consists of four components: an above surface access unit, surface laboratories, an agricultural zone, and a core habitat located under the lunar surface.

    You will be designing an actual lunar base and will be contributing to advancements in design in the space architecture industry. There has never been an open competition such as this before. You are given the opportunity to learn more about designing for extreme environments. You will be walking away understanding more than you ever have about our Moon and living in space.

  • Competition Category 2: Let’s have funDetailed information about Category 2

    SHIFTboston seeks to collect visions that will re-imagine the Moon as a new destination. Radical ideas for new lunar elements such as rovers, growing pods, inflatable structures, droids, clothing, and habitats are wanted. Envision an entire Lunar City! How about a new Moon culture? What would it look like? Sound like? Envision having fun on the moon with activities, fashion, and spacesuits!


The honorary recipients will receive a US $1,000 cash prize and present at the Moon Capital Forum at the Cyclorama in Boston, Massachusetts on Thursday, 21 October 2010. The Forum will be a panoramic gala event, attendees will include members of the Moon Capital Competition jury and advisory panel, astronauts, leading aerospace and astrophysics engineers, government, community, industry and academic leaders along with architects and other design professionals.

The winning entry will be displayed in a new virtual moon game and become part of the Moon Capital Exhibit at the Johnson Space Center. Selected entries will be promoted on the SHIFTboston blog, website. Entries will also be selected as part of a new “Moon Independence” book.


  • Entries can be from individuals or multi-disciplinary teams.
  • All entries must be anonymous. Do not include logos or other images or text that could indicate the origin of the design.
  • Entries must be formatted to fit a single 24” x 36” (60cm x 90cm) board (landscape orientation). The board may include any drawings and three-dimensional representation of the proposed concept along with any supporting text. Inventive and multi-graphical presentations are encouraged.
  • Applicants must submit their design electronically, labeled with the applicant’s application number and name (first initial, last name). i.e. app#_jDoe.pdf
  • Include a signed scanned PDF of your Permission Form for Textual and Visual Works with your submission or fax it to 617-951-0845.
  • If applicable, please include a maximum of two high-resolution images representative of your entry content.These must be in JPEG or TIFF format (300dpi, CMYK). These images should contain no text and must be named according to the convention mentioned above with the appendage “img#”, for example: “2010M100_jDoe_img1.jpg” [app#_name_img#]

How to enter?

Register on the official website and pay the registration fee via Pay Pal. Then upload your designs.

Entry fee

The entry fee is US $50 for individuals and US $75 for a company or organization, paid through PayPal after registering on the official website.

All payments are final and nonrefundable. Refunds will not be provided if the submission is disqualified.