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2022 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest

The 2022 Ocean Awareness Contest theme “The Funny Thing About Climate Change” challenges students to learn about climate change and its impact on the ocean, and to explore new ways to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis.

Bow Seat are looking for innovative pieces that challenge our expectations for what climate change messaging should look like. How can you talk about climate change in a fresh way? How can you capture attention without sacrificing your message?

Gold, Silver and Bronze Award winners, as well as Honorable Mention winners will be announced in each contest division. Several other special awards will be announced as well.

Humor, satire, and irony are powerful communication tools. Yes, even for an issue as serious as climate change. Studies have shown that humor can break down barriers, empower people, and instill hope. In other words, humor is disarming and provides a safe way for people to approach and understand divisive topics like climate change. Humor and satire capture attention… they are effective ways to make sure your message is heard.

We are inundated with the scary realities of climate change, which can make us feel helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed. Approaching climate change from a fresh perspective can help alleviate climate anxiety and build resilience. How can we use humor, and other unfamiliar and unexpected approaches, to discuss something as serious as climate change without minimizing or undermining it?

Submissions, either group or individual, are accepted in:

  • Visual Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Film
  • Interactive & Multimedia
  • Performing Arts: Music & Dance
  • Poetry & Spoken Word

Participation is open to students ages 11-18 worldwide.

The Ocean Awareness Contest is a platform for young people to learn about environmental issues through art-making and creative communication, and become advocates for positive change.