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2024 Reallusion 3D Character Contest

The 2024 Reallusion 3D Character Contest offers the 3D art community an excellent opportunity to experience industry-leading solutions and learn from seasoned professionals.

All enthusiastic 3D artists, including concept artists, character artists, 3D scan artists, animators, digital modelers, and sculptors, are invited to participate.

Reallusion is offering free 3-month access to its 3D software and plugin suits for all qualified applicants, and $45,000 in cash along with various physical prizes to award winners in multiple categories including ‘Best Character Design,’ ‘Best Character Animation’ and ‘Best AccuRig Character’.

The following types of submissions are accepted:

  • Character Design — Create a realistic or stylized CC character using CC3+ Base. You can customize it with Reallusion tools/content or third-party software like ZBrush, Blender, … etc.
  • Character Animation — Use iClone to create a realistic or stylized animation for a character made with the CC3+ Base. The character model can be customized with Reallusion tools and content or third-party software like ZBrush, Blender, … etc.
  • AccuRig Characters — Any character not made with the CC Base falls into this category. You’re welcome to combine all your 3D knowledge into one stunning character. Transforming your character from static to animatable by using AccuRIG is required while editing in Character Creator is optional.

Physical prizes include NVIDIA RTX-4070 laptop and full mocap solutions from Rokoko and Noitom. Software prizes include KitBash3D Cargo,, 3Dconnexion, Keen Tools and a Maxon One license that includes ZBrush.

Reallusion is also honored to have well-regarded judges such as ZBrush Guides founder and Blender expert Pablo Munos, and renowned Blender filmmaker Martin Klekner.

Winners may have an opportunity to be selected as featured content developers, or contacted to work on outsourced Reallusion projects to monetize their creations to the CC and iClone 3D community.

Please visit the official website for further information.

No Entry Fee!

It's free to enter.