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4th Epicase Art & Illustration Competition 2013

Epicase have recently announced the 4th edition of their Art & Illustration competition, open to all artists around the world. With this competition the organizers are emphasizing the celebration and embracing of art, found in our everyday lives.

Competition categories include: Illustration, Fine art, Pictogram, Calligraphy, Typography, Graffiti, Webtoon etc.

Five main prizes will be awarded in the 4th Epicase Art & Illustration Competition 2013. The First place prize is US $6,000!

The artworks by the five finalists (first place to fifth place) will join the Epicase art collection and be available for purchase to the general public through contracted retail shops. A running royalty will also be compensated to the finalists for the use of images.

Epicase pledges to create a hub, accessible to all, that not only encourages talented artists to express their art through active interactions with its participants but also, enriches the distinguishing links between person-to-person, heart-to-heart, and potentially, art-to-culture, as well.