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4th Green-Go Short Film Competition

The 4th Green-Go Short Film annual competition is currently open for submissions and seeking for films of up to 4 minutes.

CEEweb for Biodiversity has been organizing Green-Go short film contest since 2011. With four years in a row of different green topics and more than 300 shorts received world-wide, the organizers now target people to send short films on natural solutions to climate change, sustainable farming and benefits of nature.

One award in each competition category plus one ‘Public-award’ will be awarded as a result of the competition. Prizes are monetary.

The three competition categories are:

  1. Nature works for us
  2. Feeding the world sustainably – Celebrating the International Year of Family Farming
  3. Fighting climate change and disasters with natural solutions

Submitted short films should be either campaign films with maximum of 60 seconds or short films between 60 seconds and 4 minutes. They can be made in any genre — cartoon, animation, puppet film, documentary, interviews, etc.

The organisers of Green-Go Short Film Contest are waiting for your creative/shocking/funny/explicit eye-opener short films.